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Need a Pantry

Posted by: Jimmy In: Household Tips

Buy an inexpensive tall 5 shelf bookshelf, (got mine for 35 dollars at Walmart) cover the front with a curtain, (hemmed it necessary) instant pantry. Great for small kitchens. I never had room for bulk items in mine. This has been a great solution for me.

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Posted by: Jimmy In: Household Tips

General Information:Also known as Cyanoacrylate and Krazy Glue, this glue comes in liquid and gel form. Once cured both types form a strong, waterproof bond. Tools & Technique:Other than speciality removers, acetone is the only effective solvent of these glues. Try nail polish remover, as the main ingredient in many brands is acetone.

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Smelly Shoes?

Posted by: Jimmy In: Household Tips

Put some tea leaves into a pair of stockings and stuff each into a shoe. Leave for a day or two and the smell just vanishes.

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