8 Types of Fabrics for Making Bed Linen

Bed linen is a rectangular piece of cloth to protect the bed from dust or dirt. Types and variations of textile fabrics to make the bed linen are also very diverse. Ranging from jacquard fabric, silk fabric, TC sheets, cotton, cotton, CVC cotton, Japanese cotton fabrics, to cotton twill (canon) fabrics. At bedsheetsguide.com you can see a variety of bed linen from various materials.

Jacquard Fabrics (King Koil)

Jacquard or king coil is a kind of soft and cold bed sheet material. This type of fabric is generally composed of 100{2b5eab33e95ca89daf808308c2a8b3d414552fbc41b971d8fa1f29ddca2cbc7e} cotton material with decorative motifs and colors that are not too prominent. King Koil is the name of the most famous mattress or bed manufacturer in the world.

Silk Fabrics (Silk)

This type of fabric is obtained from a combination of cotton and silk so it has weak and textured properties like slippery silk. Cotton content makes this bed linen material becomes stronger and longer lasting. While the mixture of silk makes the fabric of the bed sheet more elegant and soft impressed.

TC Sheet Fabric (Poly TC)

TC or Poly TC fabric is one of the most common types of low-quality textile fabrics used by bed sheets manufacturers. For the price of TC cloth is quite cheap. But unfortunately easily faded, rather furry, and the texture is not so smooth.

Catra Cotton Fabrics

Catra cotton fabric is a kind of bed linen material is composed of a mixture of cotton and polyester. With a ratio of 80{2b5eab33e95ca89daf808308c2a8b3d414552fbc41b971d8fa1f29ddca2cbc7e} cotton material and 20{2b5eab33e95ca89daf808308c2a8b3d414552fbc41b971d8fa1f29ddca2cbc7e} polyester material. Compared to Panca cotton fabric, the texture of cotton fabrics is much softer, so it will feel more comfortable.

Panca Cotton Fabrics

Like cotton fabrics, Panca fabric is also composed of a mixture of cotton and polyester. It’s just that the composition of the composition is slightly different in the form of 50{2b5eab33e95ca89daf808308c2a8b3d414552fbc41b971d8fa1f29ddca2cbc7e} cotton and 50{2b5eab33e95ca89daf808308c2a8b3d414552fbc41b971d8fa1f29ddca2cbc7e} polyester. This fabric has cold characteristics and is quite comfortable. Although not as soft and as smooth as Catra.

CVC Cotton Fabrics

CVC cotton fabric is very comfortable, soft, cool, not easily wrinkled, and has a low level of cloth shrinkage. This type of fabric is largely composed of a mixture of cotton and viscose with a ratio of 60 to 75{2b5eab33e95ca89daf808308c2a8b3d414552fbc41b971d8fa1f29ddca2cbc7e} cotton and the rest is viscose.

Japanese Cotton Fabrics

Characteristic of Japanese cotton fabric that is characteristic of the fabric tends to be cold, soft, smooth and not easy to fade despite having repeated washing process. Sheets of Japanese cotton fabric also have a special woven arrangement that crosses each other between 1 thread with 4 or 7 threads so that the texture of the fabric more soft and smooth.

Cotton Twill Fabrics (Canon)

Twill or canon fabrics are commonly called Chinese cotton. Broadly speaking twill cotton fabric has two grades with different qualities. Good quality twill fabrics have characteristics similar to Japanese cotton. While low-quality twill cotton has a less bright and thin colors.