How this business model changed saving money in Indonesia

Everybody who does online shopping mostly know about vouchers. These vouchers are usable on your purchase so you get a discount. This can vary from 10 till 40{2b5eab33e95ca89daf808308c2a8b3d414552fbc41b971d8fa1f29ddca2cbc7e}. Vouchers used to be searched and achieved in newspapers or magazines, but now a days we got websites to do this for us. With a simple Google search you can already find vouchers for almost any store that sells online!

A known website in Indonesia is called Kode Voucher. This business model is very simple but definitely changed the way we save money in Indonesia. On this website you can find vouchers for all kind of online shops. Meaning: saving money while shopping! Two big shops in Indonesia are Bukalapak and Zalora, which are probably two of the most used vouchers on Kode Voucher.

Vouchers for Bukalapak

Kode Voucher offers lots of kode vouchers for Bukalapak. On the website you can find voucher bukalapak but they also post sales and promotions for Bukalapak. Meaning: double discount! This is of course the most desirable shopping discount, but usually the vouchers can’t be combined with promotions or sales. Even so, Kode Voucher enlists when a voucher and a sale can be combined! The website basically provides a very nice overview so that you get the most out of vouchers and sales.

Vouchers for Zalora

As the same is to say for Zalora. The website offers a clear overview for voucher zalora and promotions/sales. You can find promo Zalora that work in combination with a kode voucher for Zalora. This counts as a double discount!

Don’t hesitate with buying, but do check before buying! By doing this, you can always save more money than you thought you could. Also, I’ve only mentioned Zalora and Bukalapak but of course there are way more shops enlisted on that website.