How to Create an Ethical and Sustainable Work Environment

As the UK moves towards the 2050 deadline of being completely carbon neutral, business owners must take responsibility for the practices they have and to try and create a much more environmentally friendly work environment.

Corporations are slowly making necessary changes, such as becoming paperless, whereas others completely ignore the pressing issues at hand. So, if you fall somewhere in the middle of the two but would like to create a more ethical and sustainable workplaces, here are some ideas for you to try.

Opt for green energy

Many businesses operate in rent controlled buildings where their bills are all included in the price, so opting for a green energy suppliers isn’t always an option. However, if you can swap and choose your energy supplier in the office building, it’s important to do some research and choose green energy suppliers.

Many energy suppliers provide 100{e5f06bb3c3f21f246bdefd9fa0e7c5d7633d997998054119ff3d0aceead69a7e} renewable electricity sources, made of wind, hydro and solar energy. It’s a common misconception that renewable energy is more expensive than non-renewable.

As renewable technology has become much more advanced and is therefore much less expensive to produce. As many countries are working to become carbon neutral, renewable energy collectors are much more readily available. One of the best ways to become a greener office space is to switch energy suppliers.

Encourage green living

According to the RAC foundation, there are just under 30 million individuals who drive to work every day in the UK. Cars produce harmful carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere, this is a leading cause of global warming and also releases lots of harmful pollutants to the environment.

Choosing to cycle, walk or commute to work on public transport can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that’s released into the atmosphere. Providing incentives, such as a public transport allowance or an additional holiday for walking/cycling to work can help to encourage your employees to adopt a greener lifestyle.


Many offices across the UK still do not recycle. Everyday, millions of plastic bottles and sandwich wrappers are consumed during lunchtime. Many of these wrappers are not separated and are put into the general waste bin.

In order to create a much more sustainable work environment, it’s important to encourage your employees to separate plastic waste so that it doesn’t get sent to the landfill site. Plastic is non-biodegradable so needs to be recycled and reused.

Bring some greenery into the office

Desk plants can drastically improve the air quality in an office. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during photosynthesis. Plants are proven to improve your productivity rate as there is a constant supply of fresh oxygen in your area, meaning that you will feel less sluggish at work. A small change within the office can have a huge impact.