How to Successfully Set Up a New Office

If you have set up a successful home business in the past few years, then chances are expansion or some level of growth will be on your mind. Maybe not now, but certainly in the near future. The most obvious part of this growth is to move out of your back bedroom and set up a proper office. One that isn’t taking up vital living space at home, is free of the distraction of pets and means you can get out of the house every now and again.

So, with that in mind, here’s your sure-fire ways to start setting up your office. While, hopefully, avoiding some of the common pitfalls associated with this task!

Create a Comprehensive Plan

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And the fact is that when you’re looking to start a new office you may want it to be a speedy process, but chances are it simply won’t be. These things take time and an extensive level of planning before you gain any ground on the matter. The more you do, the more you seem to have left to do as well. That is why a good plan is vital to your success.

Decide what kind of office you will need, in what area and the level of budget you have for the endeavour. Give yourself a checklist of all of the utilities you will need, the furniture and even employees if you need them. Once you have everything written in black and white, it’s time to actively start sorting out the new office.

Find the Right Space

Once you have a good plan in place, now is the time to actively start looking for the office space you need. Remember, location is important but you also need to consider size, price and even the right level of facilities you need to operate. After all, you might not have the money to make drastic changes right away. In which case, being able to make as few changes as possible to your new office space in terms of facilities can be vital.

Ideally, you also need to consider the needs of your current or future employees. Make sure there are good transport links, amenities at which to buy lunch, or anything like that. Otherwise you may find that people find working at your new office incredibly inconvenient.

Look Over the Contracts

As soon as you have found the right space, it’s time to sort out the legal side of setting up your own office. Likely, you will need a corporate solicitor to look over the contract fully and make sure that you are protected in any case. A contract may leave you liable for things like standard repair once a lease is over, so it needs to be checked over carefully for that. Anything that you can be held accountable for needs to be a known entity and clearly outlined.

If there is anything that you are unhappy with, you may be able to renegotiate the contract. At any rate, it is better than finding yourself in a position of dispute and needing dispute resolution solicitors at the end of your lease.

Design the Office Setup

As soon as you have an office in mind, leases signed, etc., it’s time to get to work on the fun part; actually designing the office. At this point you will be able to make a full plan of the office and from there decide where you want everything to go. From desks to storage units, deciding on placement can be vital to ensure you have an open and fun environment to work in.

And once the placement design is done, you can start to think about the best ways to actively decorate your office. Wall murals, funky furniture and the like can all be used effectively to create an environment that works for your business. You want the office to feel vibrant and fresh, but not too out there that it becomes off-putting for either your clients or your employees. Keep it simple and modern, then you will have the best possible look for your office space.

Sort Out Internet/Other Bills

The final issue you will need to address when it comes to setting up your new office is the bills. Internet, gas, electric and even business rates (something like council tax for business) are vital to ensure you’re not left in a cold office, owing the government thousands of pounds. Sort out your bills and your new office can be officially considered all set up!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Everything you will need to do in order to successfully set up your new office, without any of the issues normally accompanying such an endeavour. Plan it, design it and sort out the legal stuff. And before you know it you will have a thriving office, ready for yourself and any number of employees to enjoy!