My Brother Helped Me to See How Easy It is to Switch Careers

My brother has worked in sales for a couple of decades. My brother suggested that I apply to work at the same company he does, but I was originally reluctant because I thought that it would take a lot of time to learn about switching careers. He made sure to let me know that my assumption was incorrect, and that anyone can get quick sales training in order to work in that field pretty quickly. He also promised me that he would spend some time with me to help get me up to speed so that I could ace my interview and get a good job with selling after being hired by his company.

It only took a little bit of research to find a local business that offers the training that I needed. I signed up for classes, and I was impressed with the cost considering everything they taught me. I came away from the courses feeling much more confident. I was taught how to enter negotiations in a relaxed way, how best to seal a deal when the negotiations are not clear cut up front and so much more. I went into it all not being sure of whether I was cut out to be in sales, and I came out of it being excited about the possibilities.

My brother then spent time with me going over some basic things I needed to understand about interviewing for a sales position. Prior to his help, I had always come away from interviews for other types of jobs feeling like I wasn’t able to shine or sell my skills very well. Thanks to his help and the sales courses that I took, I felt stronger than I ever had during my past career. I’ll just say that I landed a position at his company, and I’ve worked there long enough to see that I love the work and paycheck!