What can sustainability consulting contribute to your company?

Do you want to improve the image of your company? And do you want to comply with all the environmental rules and regulation for businesses? In that case, your company might benefit from sustainability consulting. There are several companies that specialize in consultancy concerning sustainability. They can provide convenient measuring tools such as the product environmental footprint or PEF for short. Additionally, you can implement adjustments in your business processes based on insights derived from this PEF.

What is sustainability consulting?

Sustainability consulting is professional advice adjusted to your company in the field of sustainability. A consult on sustainability can be aimed at different goals. One of these goals can be to comply to the set and upcoming rules and regulations for the impact on the environment for companies. Alternatively, it is possible to increase the brand and image of your company by improving the sustainability of the business processes and other facets. Either way, you will need to identify the way in which it is either easiest or most profitable to increase sustainability.

How sustainable is your company?

Sustainability consulting can only be successful if you have a clear benchmark of the sustainability of your company. To this end, it is possible to use a PEF. This is a measurement of the impact on the environment of a single product. Within the PEF all factors that impact the environment are considered. This can be the factor of transport and emissions during the production of a product. This PEF can then be used as a measuring tool. Using the PEF, you can compare your company to competitors or one of your products to alternatives on the market or your other products. This provides you with many insights.

The result of sustainability consulting

The insights obtained by using the footprint, can assist in sustainability consulting. A professional consultant can advice you on the best way to make business processes more sustainable. The best way can be substituted for the easiest or most profitable way. Depending on your goals, it is usually advised to pick one over the other. The most sustainable option might not necessarily be the easiest or cheapest option. To make a decision, the consultant will usually end their sustainability consulting with a report of the overview of the options they identified. They can also recommend you the best option based on their expertise.