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Skin Care Tips

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If you don’t have the money to get Fort Lauderdale Juvederm, here are some skin care tips to get your skin rejuvenated. Limit shower time. Hot water in long showers will remove oils from your skin. Limit your shower time while using warm — rather than hot — water. Don’t use strong soaps. Strong soaps […]

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Hairspray Overspray

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Hairspray is a common stain, however it is very tough to remove. It is almost like a shellac once dry, makes wonder how we get it out of our hair. I have had people recommend using shampoo and a brush to remove. I tried this with some success, but not too great. Next I have […]

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Eww A Hickey

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Coat area liberally with lotion. Rub with the back of a cold spoon vigorously for as long as you can stand to, changing out spoon for new cold one every 10 minutes. Recommended time for this treatment is 45-60 minutes.

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