Ordering My Wedding Invitations Was Easy

When my boyfriend asked me to marry him, it was honestly the happiest day of my life. I knew that there were going to be a lot more of those in my future too, like my actual wedding day and then the days when our children would be born. I was not getting ahead of myself though, and I focused on our upcoming wedding. Neither of us wanted a long engagement, so I knew that I needed to look at https://www.brideandgroomdirect.co.uk/wedding-invitations so I could order our invitations and get them mailed out quickly.

We had decided that a three month engagement was long enough. That would give us plenty of time to plan the wedding, and it was also plenty of time for our guests to save the date. We were only inviting around 100 people, and we wanted to make sure they all had ample time to plan to attend. I knew that I wanted to use Bride & Groom Direct because that is the company my sister used for her own wedding invitations. The invitations she ordered were absolutely beautiful, and they were very inexpensive too. I know a lot of people are doing their own invitations nowadays, but I did not have to cut costs that way since their prices were already so low.

I had so much fun going through all the different invitations on their website. It does not matter what one’s style is when it comes to this site because they have something for everyone. I wanted something very whimsical and romantic, and I had dozens of choices to choose from. The invitations were easy to order, and paying for them was painless. They arrived not too much later in the week, and I was able to get them out in the mail within a couple of weeks. I was so happy when every single person RSVP’d back a yes!