When Should Your Business Start Using SEO Services?

Marketing your business is tough and it’s hard to know when your business is ready to start using marketing services. Digital marketing can seem even more difficult, and the way in which SEO operates can make it seem like marketing your business is going to be a tricky task to undertake. When done well, there is little that can compete with organic search engine visibility to help promote your business. Is it time for your business to start using SEO services or start consider IOS or android app development?

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is made up of multiple strategies, practices and actions which all have the same end goal of improving your businesses website position in search engines, hence the term “search engine optimisation”. There are two types of SEO: on page and off page. On page SEO is made up of anything that you can control on your website to improve your site rankings. This can refer to site speed, header text and keyword presence. Off page SEO can consist of things done on other websites that can influence your rankings, and generally only refers to links.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is Google’s way of seeing which sites deserve to be ranked highly for each query entered into the search engine. Without SEO, it would be easy to manipulate search results so that sites with the most links are consistently ranked as #1. SEO keeps search results fair and reduces the ability to manipulate results as much as possible.

Hard work and an appealing website correlate with high search engine rankings, so if your business site meets these criteria you’ll have a better chance of showing up near the top. Having a top-ranking site signals to customers that your site is a credible source, and the higher you rank the more clicks your site will generate.

Is SEO Important for Every Business?

You may be wondering if SEO is really that important for your business. No matter your situation, if you have a website then SEO is important. Whether your business is old or new, small or large then SEO is vital to your online success. This is because that SEO is something that you can control. You can control your rankings, thus controlling how many visitors come to your site which directly impacts your sales or leads.

Investing in your sites search engine optimisation means that you are making a direct investment in your business. It is also important to keep in mind how your site is displayed to your customers. Google now prioritises mobile devices over computers, so if your site is optimised for mobile, you will inevitably get more views as you will rank higher. Having a mobile app will appeal to customers who primarily use their phone for browsing the web, so investing in app developers for your site alongside SEO is a good idea if you want to get consistently high rankings.


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